Monthly Archives: November 2011

Entering winter storage


So now she’s in the shed for winter…that doesn’t mean I won’t continue to work on her, but it’s a definite slow down as winter comes on strong and we are moving toward our shortest days of winter. I ordered new connector wire for the turn signals as well as the connection for the headlight and parking light which will need to be installed. I also have some spare relays that I can install if the ones that are in the bike now are bad. That being said, there are a variety of things that I will be working on next and when I pull her out of storage:

  1. I’d like to get the carbs cleaned out and new fuel filters put on
  2. Drain all the gas out of the tank and touch up the paint
  3. Need to study up on how to safely remove paint from some parts of the tank without causing a spark…
  4. Review the stanchions, replace if necessary and fill up with fresh fork oil – purchased from Eurosports already…
  5. Tighten up the fork caps with the wrench that’s in the tool kit I bought for the bike
  6. Replace the cables that I have, tach, spedo, throttle, any others that need it
  7. Sell any parts that I’m done with or have duplicates of. I have a couple of headlight buckets and turn signal posts mixed in with a nice grab bag of overkill parts that I won’t need
  8. Connect up the rear lights with the loom. I’d like to find a 6 connector mail to female 16gauge connector so that if the rear end ever has to come off, this can easily be disconnected right under the seat.
  9. Install front turn signals
  10. Put new yellow, green and grey wires into the left hand control switch array
  11. Connect all the electrical up in the headlight bucket – I’m so stoked that I understand all of the electrical hookup now – it actually makes sense to me!
  12. Buy a new battery
  13. New spark plugs
  14. Oil change
  15. Research into other start up items for a bike that has sat for 15-25 years…
  16. Figure out how to safely clean out the brake master cylinders, recharge the systems and get the brakes safe
  17. Fire it up.

New boots and ears


The headlight ears were pretty damaged in the accident, just like the headlight housing, so I replaced them with the better used ones. I also put on fresh gaiters on the stanchions and as I mentioned before I left the pvc spacers out of the fork springs and I added in a spacer under the steering column nut since the addition of the turn signals lifted the headlight ears about 2mm.